Hp 990c driver.


Hp 990c driver





Hp 990c driver.


Malaysian “aunty” – another super-cheap PC

A Malaysian company has begun manufacturing a low-cost computer that hopes to bridge the digital divide between the more advanced part of society and the elderly, as well as those living in rural areas, according to a source citing AFP.

The PC was named “Mak-Chik”, which means “aunt” in Malay. The main features of the product are low price and ease of use. The product is expected to hit the market in the first half of next year.

A device manufactured by Mimos Bhd., government-funded, designed to be connected to a TV and equipped with a wireless Internet connection. Auntie’s price is $ 149.

According to the project participants, the computer will provide access to weather forecasts and other information, serve educational purposes and even allow villagers to advertise their agricultural products on the World Wide Web.

Source: PhysOrg.com

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