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Hp color laserjet 3600 driver windows 7 64 bit.


Acer wants to take a bite out of the low-cost PC pie too, but doesn’t yet know how

Manufacturers very quickly appreciate the success of the inexpensive laptop ASUS Eee PC. In particular, as you know, the company Mitac International Computer announced its intention to enter the market of such devices, and industry experts call the UMPC CE260 of the FIC company one of the competitors of the Eee PC, which, at a comparable price, is much better equipped.

Another manufacturer, Acer, is making its first steps in the direction of consumers choosing inexpensive laptops. As it became known to the source, the company has formed a team of specialists, the purpose of which will be to develop projects for the specified market sector. While the development budget has not yet been determined, and Acer plans to maintain a center of gravity on regular laptops in 2021, the existing experience, it is said, will allow to quickly create a new product if necessary.

In fact, the release of superbudgetary models is not a matter of technology, but of the economy. According to Acer, the total global mobile PC shipments in 2021 will amount to 120 million units, of which ASUSTeK Computer Eee PC will account for no more than 2-3%. The real fate of the segment is not yet so obvious, Acer believes, which is the main reason for the restrained behavior of the company.

Interestingly, Acer bought several Eee PCs for review and discovered certain limitations of miniature notebooks.

Source: DigiTimes

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