Hp color laserjet cp4520 series.


Hp color laserjet cp4520 series





Hp color laserjet cp4520 series.


MiniSD and MMCmobile cards are a thing of the past

As microSD flash cards become more popular in the small form factor media market, Kingston Technology, according to the source, plans to discontinue production of miniSD and MMCmobile cards starting in 2021. Taiwanese manufacturers of memory cards are also curtailing the production of these cards, but they will do this gradually, allowing the natural processes of replacing some formats with others to do their job.

Demand for miniSD and MMCmobile cards has dropped as handset manufacturers do not use these formats in new products. Although miniSD cards can be used in other devices, such as digital cameras or PDAs, using adapters, it should be recognized that they played the role of transitional products, the market share of which is now declining.

Taiwanese memory makers also see microSD gaining ground as the primary format for small flash media. This implies a lack of prospects for miniSD and MMCmobile. However, no specific dates have been announced for the termination of these cards. Instead of setting their own timetable, manufacturers will let the marketplace on its own supplant legacy formats. Simply put, the decline in output will be in direct proportion to the decline in demand.

Source: DigiTimes

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