Hp deskjet 5700.


Hp deskjet 5700





Hp deskjet 5700.


Spansion launches world’s first 300mm NOR flash memory production

Spansion has officially announced the commercialization of its 300mm wafer semiconductor chip production line. SP1, located in Japan, is expected to help Spansion improve product competitiveness by lowering production costs. The first serial output of finished products is expected in December.

As a reminder, Spansion is 13.6% owned by Fujitsu and 10.4% by AMD. The company specializes in the production of NOR flash memory. The new line in question is the world’s first production line for this type of memory, designed for 300mm wafers.

Last year, information was published about the intention of Spansion to invest 1.2 billion. Doll. in the construction in Japan of a new line for the production of flash memory, capable of processing 15,000-20,000 wafers with a diameter of 300 mm per month. According to the company, a significant part of the investment has already been mastered.

Now Spansion is releasing NOR flash memory at 65nm standards, and next year plans to master the mass production of 45nm standards.

Source: Spansion

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