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Hp deskjet 950c driver





Hp deskjet 950c driver.


WD, Fujitsu and Hitachi Explain Hybrid HDD Failure

In 2021, Samsung and Microsoft announced a new development in the field of storage media, hybrid hard drives that use flash memory as data cache.

Back then, the pioneers of hybrid HDDs were enthusiastic about how they would reduce application and operating system load times, reduce the power consumption of laptops, and reduce access times. Nevertheless, even after many months have passed since the release of the first such products, the market is clearly in no hurry to give them preference over more traditional hard drives.

At the Diskcon 2021 conference, held in California last week, the top ranks of HDD manufacturers, among others, actively discussed this issue.

For example, Richard New, head of development at Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, said that the reason for the failure of hybrid solutions is that users do not see performance gains that are adequate to the price increase.

In his opinion, the integration of not 128/256 MB of flash memory, but 4 GB could give a clear superiority to hybrid drives, but this would inevitably lead to even higher prices for them, for which the market is hardly ready.

Supported by fellow and VP of Fujitsu Computing Products of America, Joel Hagberg. In his opinion, reducing the OS boot time from 28 to 21 seconds is clearly not worth paying significant money for it.

Western Digital Senior Vice President Richard Rutledge added that his company has conducted extensive testing of how flash memory can help speed Vista resume from sleep mode and found no significant difference – the result was unchanged 4 seconds.

Well, the statements of WD and Fujitsu on this issue are predictable – the companies were not initially included in the alliance of hybrid HDD developers, but the opinion of Hitachi, which is one of its members, is a little surprising. Apparently, the developers really refused to actively promote such products in the current edition. Flash memory is falling in price rapidly, perhaps soon Hybrid HDD v is waiting for us.2.0?

Source: CNET News.com

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