Hp laserjet 2100 drivers.


Hp laserjet 2100 drivers





Hp laserjet 2100 drivers.


GeForce 8800GTS 512 MB: photo of the final version, updated release date, power consumption

Exactly a week ago, we published photos of the GeForce 8800GTS 512 MB video card, whose official announcement is expected in the first half of December.

Those were images of an engineering sample, but now we can see the accelerator that buyers will find in the box (maybe cards with the original cooling system will also come out, but the reference version will look exactly like this). The opportunity to purchase such a video card will appear from them, according to updated information, starting not from the third, but from the eleventh of December.

Expreview writes that the power consumption of such accelerators will be about 140 W.

Recall that these video cards will be built on the 65-nm core G92. They will have 128 stream processors, 256-bit interface with 512 MB of memory. The core, shader and memory frequencies will be 650, 1625 and 1940 MHz, respectively.

Source: Expreview

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