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Hp laserjet 4000n driver windows 10.


Parvus CPU-1472 and CPU-1474 single board computers operate at -40 ° С

Parvus Corporation, which presented an interesting wrist PC Zypad WL 1000 last summer, released information about new single-board computers of the PC / 104-Plus size, named CPU-1472 (in the illustrations) and CPU-1474. The devices are based on Intel Celeron M processors (1 GHz) and Intel i855GME system logic sets. The products are characterized by a reinforced design, which makes them suitable for use in embedded systems operating in vibration and a wide temperature range.

Combining high performance and a rich set of interfaces, the Parvus CPU-1472 and CPU-1474 computers, according to the manufacturer, are suitable for installation in unmanned vehicles, airplanes, trains and buses. The devices are equipped with passive cooling systems, and, depending on the modification, are designed for a temperature range from 0 to + 60 ° C or from -40 ° C to + 85 ° C. To reduce the susceptibility of computers to vibration, which can cause a breakdown of contact, the RAM is soldered directly to the boards.

The CPU-1474 model has two network controllers (Gigabit and Fast Ethernet) and four USB 2 ports.0, along with standard PC peripheral interfaces, including two serial ports, TFT / LVDS, AC97 audio codec, keyboard and mouse ports, and an IDE controller. The CPU-1474 model features an increased number of USB 2 ports to eight.0 and one 10/100 Ethernet adapter. Declared support for Linux, Windows XP Embedded and other popular operating systems. Computer dimensions – 90 x 96 x 18.6 mm.

Source: Parvus

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