Hp laserjet 5100tn driver.


Hp laserjet 5100tn driver





Hp laserjet 5100tn driver.


Intel prepares compressors and special material for laptop cooling systems

In addition to the first quad-core mobile processor, Intel’s laptop cooling strategy and the first “air conditioner” solution we announced at the end of September were showcased at IDF Taiwan. The compressor shown on the forum looked like a cylinder with a diameter of about 2 cm and a length of 10 cm. According to Mooly Eden, vice president of Intel’s Mobile Platforms division, installing three of these compressors can lower the temperature of a laptop chassis by about 10 ° C. As Eden showed, compressors can be built directly into a radiator / fan assembly that is installed inside the enclosure.

In addition to compressors, a material was shown that allows air to pass through, but does not allow liquids to pass through. Using this material, laptop manufacturers will be able to position the vents under the keyboard, rather than on the back of the case, as is the case today. This is supposed to free the hands of notebook designers in terms of the layout of the motherboard and other components, and improve heat dissipation.

Intel is still working on compressors and waterproof material, but the first laptops using these technologies may appear as early as next year.

Source: DigiTimes

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