Hp m551 driver.


Hp m551 driver





Hp m551 driver.


Diagnostics: AMD64 CPU Assistant v.0.eight.0.273

The AMD64 CPU Assistant program was developed as a program for monitoring the core temperature of AMD64 processors based on the readings of the thermal sensor built into the core. Then the program was supplemented with the functions of displaying the processor and memory load, displaying information about the processor, setting the memory timings of the integrated AMD64 controller (for systems based on DDR I).

The program is designed to work only under the operating system of the WinNT family (NT 4.0, 2000, XP, 2021) – this is controlled at startup, under another OS it simply will not start. The program has the status of an eternal “beta”.

For the program to work (monitoring the core temperature, setting the timings), a third-party driver is required to access ports under NT TVicPort, which is installed and launched when the program is first launched without user intervention by the AMD64 CPU Assistant itself (at this first launch, administrator rights are required, the driver is extracted from the body of the program).

In the new version, work with sensors is disabled by default, bugs have been fixed, work with revolution counters in 16-bit mode has been added, and other improvements and improvements have been made. Read more here.

Download AMD64 CPU Assistant v.0.eight.0.273 here (593 KB, Freeware, Windows NT / 2000 / XP / 2021).

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