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Hp officejet pro l7500 driver





Hp officejet pro l7500 driver.


Office 2021 will keep the menu bar

The developers of the Mac Business Unit of Microsoft Corporation announced in their blog that applications from the new version of the Office 2021 office suite will have a standard menu bar.

“Mac users are very conservative about the interface. We often hear from them that they definitely want the interface of our applications to be made in the Mac-style “, – write the developers. According to them, when developing a new version, it was possible to leave only the Apple menu and Application menu items in the menu bar, but such an approach would not only leave useless space on the screen, but also force users to abandon their habits.

Nevertheless, in addition to the standard menu, the interface of applications from the new version of the Microsoft Office package will also have ribbons. According to the developers, the use of ribbons brings additional benefits to the user, and the preserved menu bar will allow not to give up the experience of using previous versions of programs.

The company also published a preview of Mac Office 2021.

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