Hp photosmart c4100 driver.


Hp photosmart c4100 driver





Hp photosmart c4100 driver.


LXE MX8 – compact and lightweight “handheld” computer for retail chains and warehouses

LXE, which recently introduced the LXE HX3 voice-controlled wearable computer, has expanded its portfolio with yet another product optimized for warehouse, supply chain and retail applications. This is an MX8 “handheld” computer with a wireless interface and a barcode scanner.

A rather specific product is interesting, first of all, because it is the most compact, lightweight and inexpensive device in its category. The MX8 is built to withstand tough environments. Its ergonomic design includes a pistol grip, touch screen, backlit keyboard and built-in scanner.

The MX8 is equipped with IEEE 802 wireless interfaces.11b / g and Bluetooth, has the most productive processor in its category (PXA270, 520 MHz), runs Windows CE 5.0 Professional. The declared battery life of the LXE MX8 is at least 10 hours.

Like the HX3, the MX8 uses LXE ToughTalk speech recognition technology. The device measures 19.3 x 7.1 x 4.6 cm and weighs 482 g (including battery, scanner and pistol grip).

Source: LXE

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