Hp psc 1310 series driver.


Hp psc 1310 series driver





Hp psc 1310 series driver.


Foxconn F1 board: 4 PCIe x16 interfaces, water cooling system and Peltier modules

During CES 2021, HardwareSecrets got access to a prototype of a Foxconn F1 motherboard that was not shown at an open booth.

It is the only Intel-based solution to date with four PCI Express x16 ports and CrossFireX support. A set of system logic, presumably, is still far from the official announcement of Intel P45 Express.

At first glance, a modest cooling system for the chipset and the VRM module is, in fact, a “technological sandwich” of the Peltier module and the water block.

The board is also distinguished by high-quality solid electrolyte capacitors, chokes with ferrite cores, POST diagnostic display, power switches, reset, CMOS reset on the board.

Foxconn F1 specifications (preliminary):

  • Supports Intel Socket LGA775 Processors
  • 4 x PCI Express x16, 4 x PCI Express x1, 2 x PCI
  • 4 DIMM slots
  • Disk system: one ATA-133 port on JMicron JMB363 controller, 6 SATAII ports and two eSATA ports
  • Twelve USB ports 2.0, two FireWire (IEEE 1394a)
  • Two Broadcom BCM5788 based Gigabit Network Interfaces (PCI)

Naturally, by the time of the official announcement, the specifications and appearance of the board may have changed, but the fact that Foxconn is seriously targeting the enthusiast segment is undeniable.

Source: HardwareSecrets

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