Hp psc 2350 driver.


Hp psc 2350 driver





Hp psc 2350 driver.


December 17 – debut date of not only NVIDIA nForce 780i SLI, but also 750i SLI

Just yesterday we wrote that the tangle of problems NVIDIA faced due to the difficulties in implementing compatibility between the nForce 780i SLI chipset and the new Intel Yorkfield processors was finally unraveled, and the boards should be expected next month.

Now the source says that the day of the official presentation of such sets of system logic will be December 17.

Moreover, it is said that the 750i SLI chipset, which we have not heard of until now, will also debut on this day.

Today one can only guess about its characteristics, however, quite confidently.

We will venture to assume that it will differ from its older brother in the presence of two, not three PCIe x16 v interfaces.2.0 for graphics cards, the boards will be equipped with a simplified cooling system without heat pipes.

We will keep you updated on new information on this issue.

Source: OCWorkbench

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