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AMD Swift Platform: One Powerful APU May Replace CPU + GPU

Interesting information from AMD Financial Analyst Day was published by the French resource Hardware.fr.

According to him, further plans of the company do not include further development of contract manufacturing of its processors from third-party manufacturers. All AMD CPUs will be manufactured at Dresden Fab. 36 and 38, the future Fab. 4X in New York and at the manufacturing facility of Chartered Semiconductor, a longtime AMD partner in the industry.

The production of GPUs on order will, as now, be handled by companies from Southeast Asia, TSMC, UMC and Chartered.

My colleagues managed to find out something about one of the guises of the Fusion platform, which is codenamed Swift. AMD plans to separate such solutions into a special category called APU (Accelerated Processor Unit, “accelerated processor”). It is still impossible to say for certain whether it will be a single-chip or modular solution, but at the current stage its characteristics look very promising. Swift will include a Stars-like CPU, state-of-the-art GPU, memory controller and chipset northbridge. Such solutions will be produced on the basis of 45nm technological standards and should appear on the market no earlier than 2021.

Unfortunately, the release of discrete graphics adapters of the new architecture R700 is expected only in the same period. Until then, the not very successful R600 architecture will be used.

In general, the company showed optimism about the development of new processors. The next slide demonstrates that despite the fact that even before the release of 45nm chips is still quite far, AMD is actively developing 32nm and even 22nm technical processes (recall, it does this together with IBM).

Source: Hardware.fr

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