Hp smart card.


Hp smart card





Hp smart card.


Intel Q35 Express Extended Life Chipset Selected for RadiSys Endura Motherboards

RadiSys launched three embedded motherboards, including medical, industrial and security, using the Intel Q35 Express Extended Life Chipset.

Boards support Intel Core 2 Duo processors. Other features of the new products are the presence of integrated graphics subsystems, support for DDR2-800 memory, the presence of a large number of USB 2 ports.0 and the ability to connect SATA drives.

Models JD35Q and QZ35Q are ATX and PCI Express x16, so they are well suited for solutions that need to be configured with a high-performance graphics subsystem based on a discrete processor. For further expansion, you can use the second PCI Express x16 slot (actually – x4). According to the manufacturer, the presence of several PCI slots on the QZ35Q board allows it to be used as part of security systems, which often include a large number of video input cards with PCI interface.

PL35Q microATX board has built-in DVI and S-Video interfaces. Due to its reduced size and a PCI Express x4 slot, which can accommodate a data acquisition board, this model is well suited for, for example, medical ultrasound devices.

New Endura Motherboards Coming In November.

Source: RadiSys

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