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Trend Micro: Localized Version of New OfficeScan 8 Solution.0 to protect the corporate network

Trend Micro Incorporated Announces New Russian Version of Trend Micro OfficeScan 8 Enterprise Security Solution.0. New Trend Micro Product Delivers Security Outside the Corporate Network with Innovative Web Reputation Technology.

OfficeScan 8.0 protects businesses from all sorts of attacks and viruses, including spyware, rootkits, network attacks and hacking attempts. Considering the fact that mobile users often access the Internet remotely, OfficeScan 8.0 also protects mobile business users both inside and outside the corporate network.

Today, corporate endpoints are becoming more mobile, and the number of employee laptops in many corporations exceeds the number of desktops. Increasing the level of user mobility with the increasing sophistication of Internet threats requires new solutions in the field of workstation protection in large companies. OfficeScan 8.0 is the first enterprise solution to provide security for mobile users outside of the corporate network with built-in Web Threat Protection Technology. This technology provides proactive protection of all network points from access to potentially dangerous sites, the level of reliability of which is determined based on a dynamic assessment of the individual reputation of domains. Compared to traditional URL filtering and content inspection solutions that only provide reactive protection against known threats, the new web reputation technology minimizes the risk of using the Internet.

With one of the world’s largest domain reputation databases, Trend Micro stores information on more than 300 million domains and records over 2 billion daily visits. The company keeps records of the reputation of domains for the longest time in the industry and provides continuous support for the relevance of the database. This advantage allows Trend Micro to quickly respond and adapt to new web and email threats.

Given the complexities of deploying security in a large enterprise, Trend Micro has enhanced OfficeScan 8.0, implementing it on the basis of an extended architecture with the ability to connect additional modules. This architecture allows new additional features to be easily deployed to existing clients without requiring IT staff to reinstall OfficeScan, maintaining a high level of security.

OfficeScan 8.0 is a key component of the Trend Micro ™ Enterprise Protection Strategy (EPS), a comprehensive, multi-layered approach to securing all network endpoints, from gateway to desktop. With Trend Micro Control Manager ™, solutions included in an EPS strategy can be easily managed, thereby providing coordinated protection against network and Internet threats.

The new product is certified for Windows Vista, so companies that are planning to deploy or are already using a new operating system will be able to evaluate the new OfficeScan 8.0.

Russian version of OfficeScan 8.0 is available to Russian customers from September 2021 on this website.

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