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Intel i217v.


Some model numbers and prices of Intel 45nm multi-core mobile processors revealed

The source complements the previously announced information about Intel’s plans for Penryn notebook processors.

The company is said to release eleven 45nm dual-core processors for mobile computers in the first half of next year, with quad-core models slated for the third quarter.

Intel will release 45nm quad-core mobile processors, dubbed Penryn QC, and will be multi-chip, motherboard makers said. The processors will have 12 MB L2 cache, 1066 MHz FSB and a maximum TDP of 45 W. At first Penryn QC will only appear in the Core 2 Extreme series and will not be usable in most Montevina notebooks.

However, this was known before. Now the model numbers of the first five 45nm dual-core processors for laptops on the Santa Rosa Refresh platform and their prices have been announced. They will be released in January next year. These models are: X9000 (2.8 GHz, $ 851), T9500 (2.6 GHz, $ 530), T9300 (2.5 GHz, $ 316), T8300 (2.4 GHz, $ 241) and T8100 ( 2.1 GHz, $ 209).

Intel 45nm processors (Penryn) will account for 47% of total Intel mobile processors in Q2 2021. Of these 47%, processors for the Montevina platform will account for 19%, the rest – on Santa Rosa Refresh. As for another 53% of the total number of mobile processors, the share of Merom for Santa Rosa will be 34%, and Merom for Napa Refresh will be 19%.

Source: DigiTimes

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