AMD intends to develop a line of tri-core CPUs

At the end of September, when it was necessary to distract the attention of the computer public from the events of the Intel Developers Forum, AMD pulled out of its sleeve, if not an ace, then at least a jack, presenting three-core processors codenamed Toliman.

The first such chips will be nothing more than 4-core Phenom (Agena core), in which one core will simply be disabled. In this case, the L3 cache will be saved in full (2 MB). Such a step will allow not only to saturate the market with solutions in the price niche below Phenom, but also to increase the level of yield of suitable crystals from the substrate.

Toliman processors will enter the market under the name Phenom 8000 in February next year, and mass shipments will start a month later.

In particular, the expected models are Phenom 8700 (2.4 GHz) and Phenom 8600 (2.3 GHz). Both will have a thermal package of 95 watts.

At the end of 2021, AMD will begin to transfer its processors to 45nm standards from the current 65nm. At the same time, the situation with Agena and Toliman will repeat itself. First, solutions with four cores will be released, followed by three-core solutions in early 2021.

The first of these CPUs will be a processor codenamed Heka. Among its features is a memory controller that supports DDR2 or DDR3. Each of these chips will be released in at least two modifications, which will be distinguished by the presence / absence of a level 3 cache.

As you might guess, Heka will be a derivative of the 4-core Deneb and Propus, which we wrote about earlier.

Source: DailyTech

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