Keystation 49 driver.


Keystation 49 driver





Keystation 49 driver.


The surplus of DRAM chips will remain in the fourth quarter, according to the largest supplier of these products

A spokesman for the world’s largest memory chip maker, South Korea’s Samsung Electronics, said the current state of DRAM supply outstripping demand could not be reversed in the fourth quarter. As you know, currently there is a situation of overproduction of this type of product, which led to a drop in prices. At the same time, according to a company representative, the situation may improve somewhat.

In particular, due to an increase in demand, prices are stabilized in the so-called spot market (where, unlike the contract market, prices appear on condition of immediate payment).

In the longer term, Samsung Electronics estimates DRAM chip shipments to grow by about 70% in 2021.

In addition, the manufacturer expects NAND flash shipments to grow 120% next year. This estimate echoes the forecast made by analysts at Strategic Marketing Associates SMA). Recall, according to their data, in 2021, for the first time in the history of the semiconductor industry, the production base of flash memory will surpass the industry’s ability to produce random access memory.

Source: Reuters

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