Kodak esp 2170 drivers.


Kodak esp 2170 drivers





Kodak esp 2170 drivers.


New MacBooks coming in a month?

ThinkSecret reports citing sources that Apple will release new MacBook consumer notebooks shortly after Mac OS X Leopard unveiled.

Earlier on the Web, information appeared that Apple plans to hold an event at which Mac OS X Leopard will be presented on October 26. According to ThinkSecret, the new MacBook will fall into the hands of the first owners in the first half of November, and maybe even earlier.

According to site sources, the MacBook update will not be significant – most likely, new laptops will just get new processors. It is unclear if the new MacBook models will be based on the Santa Rosa platform, which the MacBook Pro received back in June.

According to ThinkSecret, the release of the new MacBook will be Apple’s last “iron” premiere before the end of the year.

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