Lexmark 7300 series driver.


Lexmark 7300 series driver





Lexmark 7300 series driver.


SSDs will take over 400GB next year thanks to BiTMICRO

One of the two main reasons hindering the transition of the storage market to SSD (Solid State Drive) is their small volume, usually 32-64 GB. The second is a rather high price.

The first of the limitations in the next six months can be overcome by the not too well-known company BiTMICRO, which has announced its line of solid-state drives E-Disk Altima E2A133BL, the flagship of which is a model with a volume of 416 GB.

The manufacturer intends to release a number of models in the 2.5 “form factor with the PATA interface (ATA-133). The volume of the initial model of the line will be 4 GB.

E-Disk Altima E2A133BL will hardly be available for sale – BiTMICRO is focused on industrial and military applications of its products.

In addition to the large capacity, BiTMICRO products will also stand out for their high speed characteristics – the sequential read speed will be 100 MB / s.

BiTMICRO is slated to produce prototype solid-state drives early next year, with bulk shipments starting in March. Pricing not reported.

Source: BiTMICRO

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