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Lexmark pro900.


Samsung SDI is behind schedule for AMOLED adoption, but things should get better soon

The third quarter was supposed to be the quarter of sustained growth for the industry, assuming Samsung SDI reaches its target production level of 1.5 million. AMOLED displays per month. However, the company barely passed the 100 thousand mark. displays, which is even less than 350 thousand. in the second quarter, analysts at DisplaySearch say. The low level of production led to the fact that the revenues for the whole industry amounted to only 78.3 million. Doll., which is 38% less than a year ago and 31% less than last quarter. In quantitative terms, the volume of supplies amounted to 15.5 million. pieces.

Affected by the transfer of resources of LG Electronics from the release of PMOLED to AMOLED, as a result of which this company released only 310 thousand. displays. For comparison – in the last quarter, this value was 3.1 million. Sony did not release AMOLED products at all.

However, not everything is so gloomy. RiTdisplay breaks record with 6.4 million sales. organic displays worth 31 million. Doll. The second in terms of supply and the third in terms of value was the Pioneer company. Samsung SDI, which remains the sole supplier of PMOLED and AMOLED, ranked third in terms of displays shipped and second in revenue.

The situation should change in the fourth quarter. Samsung SDI plans to ship nearly two million units of finished goods, and RiTdisplay – seven million plus. DisplaySearch analysts cite this figure as a new record for a single vendor.

The main consumers of organic displays are manufacturers of turntables and cell phones.

Source: DisplaySearch

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