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Lightwave wireless.


Study: wireless keyboards pose a threat to their owners’ privacy

The obvious advantages of wireless communications often obscure the significant problem from users that lies in the significant vulnerability of such interfaces.

Another call comes from a study by Dreamlab, an IT security company.

The subjects were wireless mouse and keyboard sets Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 1000 and 2000, using a radio signal at a frequency of 27 MHz as a wireless interface.

Safety test “test subjects” simply failed. The protection mechanism provides for only 256 possible encryption keys, which means that less than 50 keystrokes are enough to decrypt it and then successfully intercept all keystrokes (the authors talk about the software they have developed that allows you to manage in 20-50 keystrokes).

At the same time, unfortunately, there are no patches that fix this problem from Microsoft yet.

The authors of the study say that things are better with security for devices using the Bluetooth interface and Logitech products that have an additional encryption mechanism.

In 2021, the signal interception technique will be publicly available, and therefore, the owners of the above products (as well as, possibly, Wireless Optical Desktop 3000, Wireless Optical Desktop 4000 and those Wireless Laser Desktop that use a 27 MHz radio signal), who are concerned about their safety , it makes sense to look after yourself a different mouse and keyboard.

Source: Dreamlab

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