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Line 6 pod x3 pro.


Emotiv EPOC Manipulator Introduced Officially: PC Control with Thought Power This Year for Only $ 299

At the Game Developers Conference, Emotiv presented a development called Emotiv EPOC, already familiar to regular readers. This device, reminiscent of exotic headphones, is equipped with electrodes, with the help of which signals are read out that accompany the user’s mental activity. The received data is sent wirelessly to the PC, where it is used to control the gameplay.

The Emotiv EPOC is said to be able to identify over 30 different user states, including emotional states – infatuation, excitement, tension, frustration; mimic – a smile, laughter, winking, frowning and raised eyebrows in surprise; and commands for motor activity, such as “push”, “pull”, “lift”, “throw”, “turn” and others. A number of commands related to visual perception are available: for example, you can use the power of thought to make game objects invisible.

Thus, according to Emotiv Systems, she managed to create the first game manipulator that allows you to control characters in computer games using the user’s thoughts and emotions. In addition, the Emotiv EPOC has a built-in gyroscope that allows you to control the position of the cursor or the orientation of the camera using head movements.

The presented model is the final version of the development, which will be available to buyers fairly soon. The Emotiv website and selected retailers should ship the device later this year for a suggested price of $ 299. By the way, you can already make a preliminary order on the company’s website.

Emotiv EPOC’s potential could extend far beyond PC gaming. Emotiv and IBM intend to explore the possibility of using development in virtual reality – a technology that can be used in systems of training or employee interaction and in other products aimed at corporate consumers.

Source: Emotiv Systems

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