Line6 ux1 driver.


Line6 ux1 driver





Line6 ux1 driver.


Club 3D announces AMD HD 2900 Pro graphics

Club 3D has introduced a new graphics adapter based on the AMD HD 2900 Pro GPU (P / N CGAX-P292), which looks no different from similar products from HIS and GECUBE.

The GPU frequency of the new item is 600 MHz, and the GDDR3 memory, the volume of which is 512 MB, and which is accessed via a 512-bit bus, is 1600 MHz. Recall that the AMD HD 2900 Pro GPU is the same AMD R600 operating at reduced frequencies.

The card is equipped with two Dual Link DVI outputs, the set includes a DVI-HDMI adapter with the ability to output via it 5.1-channel audio. Club 3D also mentions the use of a smart cooling system in the adapter, which adjusts the fan speed depending on the GPU temperature.

Apparently, in the near future we will have another wave of “clones”. Either way, the AMD HD 2900 Pro won’t linger on the shelves, given the R600’s capabilities and attractive price.

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