Test applications: IBM – Hitachi Feature Tool v.2.09

The set of IBM utilities has been updated – Hitachi Feature Tool (former IBM Feature Tool), designed to control and change some parameters of modern ATA hard drives manufactured by IBM / Hitachi. The program consists of several modules that allow you to perform the following actions:

  • Enable / Disable Read Ahead and Write Caching.
  • Changing hard disk space. This can solve the issues of compatibility (recognition) of large disks with BIOS, which have restrictions on the maximum disk size.
  • Changing Ultra DMA Mode for Hard Drive (0 – 5).
  • Changing the Automatic Acoustic Management (AAM) settings to reduce the noise emitted by PC hard drives (at the expense of performance).
  • Changing Advanced Power Mode (APM) settings to manage energy savings and allow you to choose between maximum performance (and consumption) and minimum energy consumption (again, at the expense of performance).
  • Real-time display of hard disk temperature in two scales – Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The new version adds support for new devices, improved work with Serial ATA (SATA). Read more here.

Download IBM – Hitachi Feature Tool v.2.09 can be from there (Freeware):

  • Windows version (1.4 MB)
  • CD-image (2.5 MB)

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