Logitech gaming virtual keyboard.


Logitech gaming virtual keyboard





Logitech gaming virtual keyboard.


Fastmac Introduces 8x SuperDrive For Apple Laptops

Fastmac Announces New 8x SuperDrive to Upgrade Apple MacBooks and MacBook Pros.

The new drive offers the ability to write single layer DVDs at 8x and dual layer DVDs at 4x. Designed specifically for the Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro, the device is only 9.5mm thin, which means it can be installed in these laptops without the need to modify them. According to the manufacturer, the drive fully complies with Apple specifications and is compatible with all software using the original Superdrive.

The cost of new items – $ 180. The company also provides services for the professional installation of the device into a laptop, in which case its price will rise to $ 270.

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