Logitech quickcam 3000.


Logitech quickcam 3000





Logitech quickcam 3000.


New 3rd generation Iomega REV drives

Iomega launches its third generation of its REV drives, combining the power of a hard drive with the convenience of a replacement cartridge.

The first such drives for backup and archiving with a capacity of 35 GB appeared back in 2021, the second generation in 2021 doubled the volume. Now the 120 GB model is available to interested buyers.

They provide read speeds up to 35MB / s. Drives can rewrite data up to a million times and store it for 30 years.

USB 2 drives will be available initially.0 and Serial ATA, the manufacturer probably considers the FireWire version to be of little relevance.

No official pricing has been announced yet, but Iomega’s usual practice suggests around $ 500.

Source: Iomega

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