Mad catz controller xbox 360.


Mad catz controller xbox 360





Mad catz controller xbox 360.


Nuventix SynJet active air cooling systems do without fans

Nuventix has managed to create an air cooling system that deserves the epithet “revolutionary”. The patented design, called SynJet, addresses active cooling in a completely new way, providing what the manufacturer claims is a reliable, efficient and flexible way to cool a wide variety of products, including LED lighting, communications equipment and consumer electronics. SynJet technology opens up new possibilities for device designers, allowing them to focus on functionality rather than heat dissipation.

How this marvel of engineering works? The SynJet module creates pulsating air currents that can be directed exactly where heat is required to be removed.

According to the company, the characteristics of the airflow generated by the SynJet allow for good circulation of the layer directly adjacent to the cooled surface, which entails a significant increase in efficiency compared to traditional air cooling systems. The flow is generated by a patented electromagnetic drive.

An important feature of the SynJet cooling system is the presence of the “ejector effect” (ejector is one of the names of the jet vacuum pump, in which the energy of another gas or liquid is used to suck or move gases and liquids). The effect is caused by the high kinetic energy turbulent air flow generated by the SynJet drive. The company estimates that SynJet systems are about 50% more efficient than systems that create laminar, rather than turbulent flows.

In addition, according to the manufacturer, the SynJet modules’ drives are an order of magnitude more reliable than fans, which are known to be the least reliable components of traditional systems.

Completing the list of SynJet advantages is low power consumption and low noise.

Shipments of products using SynJet technology have already begun.

Source: Nuventix

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