Madcatz sf4 fightstick.


Madcatz sf4 fightstick





Madcatz sf4 fightstick.


Optiarc Europe begins shipping three optical drives: BWU-200S, DRU-190A and DRU-190S

Sony NEC Optiarc Europe
announced that three new Sony branded drives have begun shipping in Europe:
4-speed BWU-200S with Blu-ray Disc support
and two 20-speed DVD drives – DRU-190A (PATA) and DRU-190S (SATA).

Here are the parameters of all three models. BWU-200S specifications:

Standard / write speed / formats / read speed /

Characteristics of two DRU-190x drives, differing only in interface:

Standard / write speed / formats / read speed /

As expected, the BWU-200S with SATA interface and CyberLink BD software included $ 600.,
the price of the DRU-190A and DRU-190S drives has not been disclosed.

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