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UMC announces readiness of 65nm RFCMOS process technology

One of the largest manufacturers of semiconductor chips, UMC, announced its readiness for serial production of 65nm RFCMOS process technology. The new process technology is designed to release a new generation of SoCs for wireless communications equipment, including WiFi, WiMax, wireless USB and cellular networks. It was a direct development of the standard UMC CMOS process used to manufacture logic circuits at 65 nm, which was introduced into production early last year and has since found widespread use.

Full compatibility of the new UMC process technology with the standard CMOS process simplifies the integration of various SoC blocks such as logic circuits, memory, analog and RF circuits.

A rich library of basic blocks and intellectual property objects, and other materials to simplify the development of chips await customers interested in using the new technological process, according to the company. Specifically, foundry design kits (FDKs) for 65nm RF circuits are available, complete specifications and element models, including a model to account for RF noise.

UMC’s rich experience in mass production of 65nm logic circuits is said to help the company quickly roll out mass production of 65nm RF products. Two 300-mm UMC factories allocated for production at 65 nm.

Source: UMC

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