Microsoft life cam vx800.


Microsoft life cam vx800





Microsoft life cam vx800.


Super Talent launches its first PSUs, Atomic Juice

The Super Talent company, known to us for its products in the field of memory, decided to master a new direction for itself. She introduced the Atomic Juice series of power supplies.

It debuted two models PS-600 and PS-700, with a capacity of 600 and 700 watts.

The manufacturer positions the new items as solutions intended primarily for systems with two video cards (one PCIe power connector with six pins, one – 6 + 2 pins).

PSUs of the Atomic Juice series are equipped with one 120mm fan with speed control.

Both models have four independent + 12V power lines, providing a total power of 580 and 680 W, respectively.

Auto voltage regulator will allow Atomic Juice to be used in networks with a voltage of 100-264 V.

The manufacturer has equipped its products with traditional technologies for protection against voltage surges, short circuits, etc.P.

The MTBF of the Super Talent Atomic Juice series is 100 thousand. hours, warranty period – 5 years.

Source: Super Talent

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