Mirage driver windows 10.


Mirage driver windows 10





Mirage driver windows 10.


New version of Remote Buddy supports EyeTV remotes

IOSPIRIT Releases New Remote Buddy Software, Supports EyeTV Remotes.

Remote buddy 1.8 provides the ability to use standard EyeTV remotes to control iTunes, iPhoto, DVD Player, VLC, browse Web and local folders, etc. The new version of the program has support for managing more than a hundred popular applications.

The list of supported devices includes standard remotes for all Elgato EyeTV products, with the exception of the EyeTV 250, 250 Plus, 300/310, 400/410, 500 and 610 models, which are still being supported.

Remote Buddy 1 update.8 is free for existing users; the full version of the program costs 19.99 euros.

A 30-day trial version of the program can be downloaded from the company’s website.

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