Nvidia 9300m gs.


Nvidia 9300m gs





Nvidia 9300m gs.


Sapphire HD 3870 TOXIC: another option with an interesting cooling system

The main difference of the novelty, developed by Sapphire specialists, was the use of the original Vapor-X cooling system, which is one of the implementations of the so-called “evaporation chamber” technology – Vapor Chamber Technology (VCT). The card is compact – it takes up one seat, but not to the detriment of cooling efficiency.

The presence of a good heat dissipation system allowed the manufacturer to increase operating frequencies. Moreover, the company left a reserve for additional “overclocking” at home.

Product configuration includes 512MB of GDDR4 memory clocked at 1152 MHz (2.3 GHz effective). The core frequency is 800 MHz. Recall that the nominal values ​​for the ATI Radeon HD 3870 are 1125 and 775 MHz. Support for CrossFireX technology allows the board to be included in a multiprocessor graphics subsystem consisting of two, three or four boards (the maximum configuration will be available in a future version of the drivers). In this case, the efficiency of the cooling system, which led to its compactness, will provide an additional benefit: video adapters can be installed in adjacent PCI-Express slots on a motherboard with CrossFireX support.

Besides the high efficiency, the cooling system of the Sapphire HD 3870 TOXIC video adapter is distinguished by low noise level. Other features of the motherboard include support for ATI Avivo HD technology and the presence of a universal decoder (UVD, Unified Video decoder), which hardware accelerates the playback of high-definition videos played from Blu-ray or HD DVD media (VC-1 and H.264).

Source: VR-Zone

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