Nvidia fx 5200 driver.


Nvidia fx 5200 driver





Nvidia fx 5200 driver.


Inno3D 8600GT Xtreme – well overclocked version of GeForce 8600GT

In the assortment of the manufacturer Inno3D, which
known not only for video cards of the series
but also the fact that it also produces motherboards has a full range of
GPU-based reference products
NVIDIA. However, the chip
The G84 is renowned for its good overclocking capabilities, which is why many
manufacturers decided to release another additional product. Performed by
Inno3D is the 8600GT Xtreme model, which is based on the said chip and
printed circuit board (PCB, judging by the photos) from the Inno3D 8600GTS version.

Compared to the overclocked version 8600GT,
the new card is much faster and different from the PCB itself.
Inno3D 8600GT Xtreme frequencies are 675/2000 MHz
(against 540/1400 MHz in Inno3D GeForce 8600 GT).

This adapter is equipped with a GA804-303 version chip and Qimonda GDDR3 memory chips with 1.0 ns access time and 16M x 32 organization
(256 MB). In general, the specimen that has been in the hands of our Chinese colleagues is like
seen from the photo, he even received the “Editor’s Choice” award. And probably not in vain, t.to
.the throughput of the novelty turned out to be 40% higher than that of a conventional card
Inno3D 8600GT, which favorably affected the final speed
adapter in general. In the 3DMark06 test, the new product outperforms the GeForce 8600GT with
the result is 5153 points against 4019 (resolution 1600×1200 pixels).

To more efficiently dissipate heat from the hotter chip was used
company product
PC Cooler with Aluminum Heatsink.

The cost
Inno3D 8600GT Xtreme card is $ 109.

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