Nvidia geforce 7600 gt windows 10.


Nvidia geforce 7600 gt windows 10





Nvidia geforce 7600 gt windows 10.


Optiarc BC-5500A – Low Cost Laptop Blu-ray Drive

A joint venture between Sony and
NEC, bearing the name Optiarc,
presented a new optical drive designed to work with discs of the format
Blu-ray. The model was named Optiarc BC-5500A.

The Optiarc BC-5500A is expected to find widespread use in mobile
mid-range computers. This model is a recorder
device for CD and DVD discs, allowing you to record single layer discs
DVD ± R / RW, double layer DVD ± R, as well as DVD-RAM and CD-R / RW at speeds up to 8x, 4x,
5x and 16x respectively.
Blu-ray Discs can only be played.

Manufacturer notes readiness to begin deliveries of BC-5500A drive
immediately. Estimated cost will be ~ 335

Source: The Reghardware

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