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Email clients and filters: Dr.Web Mail Gateway

Doctor Web announces the release of a new enterprise-class product for comprehensive protection of mail traffic from viruses and spam on servers running Unix systems (Linux / FreeBSD / Solaris (x86).

Email is currently the most effective way to deliver viruses to users’ computers. Opening or reading such letters can lead to a number of serious consequences – loss of critical information or money on a credit card, leakage of confidential data. Loss of labor productivity due to the need for employees to be distracted by cleaning spam boxes is a scourge in the work of modern offices.

The growth rates, the number and sophistication of Internet threats lurking in mail traffic are increasing the requirements for anti-virus software manufacturers, forcing them to constantly develop new technologies for countering. At the same time, spammers also do not stand still and are actively developing new technologies for counteracting programmed spam recognition, techniques for disguising as necessary information.

In these conditions, the best obstacle to viruses and spam is the means of protection located on corporate servers and servers of Internet providers – a kind of advanced fight against fraudsters of all stripes. Server protection solutions must be based on three pillars – reliability, performance and resiliency. Compliance with these requirements is possible only in the case of proper design and thorough testing of protection means, and this is possible only if there is extensive experience in the development of such systems. Doctor Web has many years of experience in developing solutions for protecting mail traffic, which resulted in a fundamentally new solution in the Dr.Web – Dr.Web Mail Gateway.

Dr.Web Mail Gateway is a new comprehensive modular solution for processing and filtering incoming and outgoing traffic on servers running Unix systems (Linux / FreeBSD / Solaris (x86).

Dr.Web Mail Gateway can be installed both in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) and inside the mail system. Due to the fact that the server for checking mail messages can be moved to the DMZ, and the mail server is isolated from the Internet, even if the server is hacked, an attacker will not gain access to information important for the company, the stability of the mail checking system as a whole increases and overall security is significantly increased. company using such a solution.

The solution implements a full scan of mail correspondence using the SMTP / LMTP protocols. Depending on the connected set of Dr plugins.Web Mail Gateway can filter mail from viruses, spam and other unwanted mail.

Main advantages:

  • The ability to install both in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) and inside the mail system;
  • Active protection against attacks by spammers – options for limiting SMTP session parameters;
  • IP address authentication;
  • Protection against hacker attacks – effective counteraction to both “passive” attacks and active attacks without searching the dictionary;
  • Protection against spam traps;
  • Protection from malformed letters;
  • The ability to block the sending of huge attachments by company employees – saving Internet traffic;
  • Flexible settings for limiting Open Relays.

Learn more about the functionality and benefits of Dr.Web Mail Gateway can be read here. We remind you that on Dr.Web Mail Gateway, as with all Dr products.Web, there is a discount for switching from similar solutions from other manufacturers.

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