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Kaspersky Lab: Announces Support for Microsoft’s Network Access Protection (NAP) Technology

Kaspersky Lab announces support in its products for Network Access Protection (NAP) technology from Microsoft.

Network Access Protection (NAP) is a policy enforcement platform built into the Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP, and Windows Server 2021 operating systems that enhances network security by meeting system health requirements. Using network access control technology, you can create special health policies to assess the state of a computer before allowing access or interaction, to automatically update compliant computers to ensure their constant compatibility, and to adapt non-compliant computers so that they meet the established requirements.

“Today, companies of all levels are in dire need of systems to ensure secure access to corporate networks. With the rapidly increasing number of mobile workers with access to the corporate network and the constant development of information threats, Network Access Protection technology promises to become an important element of protecting the information infrastructure of companies, –
approved by Alexey Kalgin, Deputy Director for Products at Kaspersky Lab. – Therefore, our company has decided to provide support for this technology in its corporate products “.

“We are delighted that Kaspersky Lab has announced support for Network Access Protection technology,” said Manlio Vequiet, Microsoft Security and Access Product Manager. – The implementation of Microsoft NAP support in the Kaspersky Administration Kit product makes it possible to increase the efficiency of protection of corporate networks and ultimately meets the interests of our companies’ customers.

Support for Network Access Protection technology will be implemented in Kaspersky Administration Kit 7.0. Kaspersky Administration Kit is a powerful and flexible tool for creating a unified anti-virus protection system based on Kaspersky Lab applications, allowing centralized management in complex computer networks of unlimited sizes, with support for remote offices and mobile users.

Currently, Kaspersky Lab is developing two key components that form the basis of Network Access Protection. The Kaspersky Lab System Health Agent (SHA) component collects information about the current state of the client computer’s anti-virus protection and transmits it to the NAP health policy server (NPS) to resolve the issue of allowing the client to access the network.

The Kaspersky Lab System Health Validator component installed on the NPS server receives information from SHA and forwards it to the administration server, which is a component of Kaspersky Administration Kit.

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