Nvidia gforce 2 mx 200.


Nvidia gforce 2 mx 200





Nvidia gforce 2 mx 200.


Accordance Systems ARAID 2200: “Transparent RAID 1” without drivers or additional hardware

The task of installing an array of two drives in a RAID 1 configuration instead of one hard drive can be easily solved using a new product from Accordance Systems. The ARAID 2200 is the first plug-and-play SATA II storage solution of its kind, the company says. The illustration shows the predecessor model ARAID 2000, which supports the SATA interface.

ARAID 2200 is based on a specialized Silicon Image SteelVine SiI5744 processor that supports SATA, eSATA and USB 2 interfaces.0.

The device provides duplication of information on two drives with SATA II interface in order to increase reliability. The product is compatible with PCs running Windows, Mac OS and Linux. No additional hardware or software is needed to connect an array instead of a single drive. The device is designed for mounting in two standard 5.25-inch bays and use of two 3.5-inch hard drives with SATA II interface.

The system “sees” ARAID 2200 as one drive, but the information is constantly duplicated on both hard drives. Each is in its own hot-swappable tray. This feature can be used to rotate drives and back up a complete copy of data in a secure location. The status of the drives is constantly displayed on the LCD screen located on the front panel of the device. In the event of a failure, ARAID 2200 informs the user with an on-screen message, beep, SNMP monitoring software and an email message.

ARAID 2200 Deliveries Set To Start January 2021. Manufacturer quoted price is $ 415 per unit, indoor installation. The release of external devices with eSATA, SATA and USB interfaces is provided, which will cost $ 525 each.

Source: Accordance Systems

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