India joins the nanotechnology race

India launches a national nanotechnology development program, opening the first of three specialized research institutes with $ 250 million in government funding. The institute is located in Bangalore, known as a software development center.

The tasks of the institute will include the development of products and technologies, the creation of laboratories at universities for the training of personnel, which at the moment are sorely lacking. Research on the use of nanotechnology in photovoltaic devices and sensors is named among the major programs.

The state plan is designed for five years. Its implementation is expected to turn the country into an international center for nanotechnology.

According to one of the project leaders, at present, India lags behind such leaders of nano-research as the United States and Japan, which annually allocate several billion dollars for work in this area, and from neighboring China, which has already invested several hundred million dollars in nanotechnology programs.

Famous American businessman of Indian origin, one of the founders of the Hotmail service, Sabeer Bhatia plans to build Nanosity in Chandigarh in northern India. 300 million have already been invested in a project reminiscent of the famous “Silicon Valley” in California. Doll. The newly formed Indus Nanotechnology Association is expected to coordinate the respective efforts of Indian successors in the United States.

Source: EE Times

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