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Officejet 5600 driver.


ASUS abandoned the hard drive in the Eee PC at the last moment?

Sometimes instructions for computer electronics can be very informative. For example, a reader of the RegHardware website noticed the following line in the document that came with the ASUS Eee PC: “To prepare your Eee PC for shipment, please turn off its power. The solid state drive heads retrace to the inoperative position in such a state, which will protect the working surface of the SSD during transport. “.

There are two options for how such a reservation could appear in this document. The first, and least likely, is that ASUS engineers have little idea of ​​the architecture of solid state drives and the fact that there are no moving parts in them.

The second, and seemingly more plausible, is that until the last moment the manufacturer planned to release at least one Eee PC model with a hard drive, for which such a note is quite appropriate. With this option, it can be assumed that the instructions only made an automatic replacement of the HDD with an SSD, which could lead to such a curious result.

Well, it is possible that a version of the Eee PC with hard disk drives awaits us in the future. In the meantime, users are forced to be content with a maximum of 8 GB of flash memory

Although, if there is a desire to work with a soldering iron, this volume can be increased up to 24 GB, using a regular flash drive, which was done by one of the visitors to the eeuser

Detailed instructions in English can be found here.

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