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Officejet j6400 driver





Officejet j6400 driver.


Leadtek WinFast PxDTV2300 H: a hybrid tuner with a modern interface

Another worthy contender to fill the empty PCI Express x1 interfaces of the motherboard is the WinFast PxDTV2300 H TV tuner, presented by Leadtek.

It is a hybrid solution that can receive both digital DVB-T and analogue NTSC, SECAM and PAL signals. In addition, it is possible to work with radio broadcasting in DVB-T or FM-band.

The supplied software allows you to record broadcasts in MPEG-4/2/1 / WMV / VCD / DVD / SVCD formats.

In addition to the board and CD with software, buyers will find a universal 9-in-1 cable in the box. It may be useful to support the component input (implemented via S-video on the board), which allows more or less high-quality recording of a 480p signal from external sources, including cameras, game consoles, players, etc.P.

WinFast PVR2 software will provide the product with such common functions as schedule recording, timeshifting, recording programs directly to an optical disc.

The remote control can not only work with the tuner, but also turn on / off the PC.

Source: Leadtek

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