MosChip PCI Express controller supports serial and parallel interfaces

MosChip Semiconductor Technology’s range of products now includes a single-chip peripheral controller that allows the interface between the PCI Express (x1) bus and a variety of ports: serial, parallel, USB and ISA. The microcircuit, designated MCS9901CV, according to the manufacturer, became the world’s first peripheral I / O controller for PCI Express, which supports more than two dozen combinations of interface options. The product is suitable for use as a base for expansion boards, for integration into mainboards, single-board computers and industrial automation modules.

MCS9901CV fully complies with PCI Express 1 specification.0a. It integrates four UART channels (compatible with 16C550 / 16C550Ex); 256-byte FIFOs for each transmit and receive channel on serial ports; implemented support for RS232, RS485 and RS422 and IrDA modes. Provides bidirectional transmission at 50 bps to 16 Mbps and comprehensive control capabilities.

The manufacturer equips the controller with a set of drivers for Microsoft Vista, XP, 2000, 98 and CE, Apple Mac OS, Linux and DOS.

Product price starts at $ 9.95 per piece in a batch of 10,000 pieces.

Source: MosChip Semiconductor Technology

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