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Windows device driver information for Pinnacle Systems Liquid Edition PRO Device.Pinnacle Liquid Edition Pro v6 NL DVD User Manual – Page 6 of 6 |


Pinnacle Liquid Edition Pro (v. 6) – box pack – 1 user overview and full product specs on CNET. May 31,  · Avid has reworked Pinnacle’s Liquid Edition (and before it was a Pinnacle product, it was FAST FSDV) into Avid Liquid 7, adding SmartSound integration, additional format support, more realtime effects and HDV editing. Preserved are the various pricing/equipment strata. Upgrades from Liquid Edition to Liquid 7 without hardware changes are $ Feb 11,  · Pinnacle’s Liquid Edition 6 is a featured-packed hardware/software combination. The supplied breakout box is well-endowed with sockets – including component in/out – .


Pinacle liquid edition pro.Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6 PRO Upgrade –

Pinnacle Liquid Edition Pro (v. 6) – box pack (upgrade) – 1 user overview and full product specs on CNET. Liquid Edition PRO Adds Pinnacle Liquid Edition Accelerator (AGP) Liquid Edition PRO Breakout Box (Composite, S-Video and IEEE I/O) Additional Information; Date First Available: January 04, Warranty & Returns. Warranty, Returns, And Additional Information. Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6 Pro With version 5 of Edition Pro, Pinnacle introduced a combined AGP graphics card and real-time accelerator. For the new, feature-packed, V6, this is replaced by an external box with no acceleration – requiring the user’s PC to already have a powerful CPU and graphics card.
Pinnacle Liquid Edition Pro (v. 6) – box pack – 1 user Specs
Pinnacle Liquid Edition Pro (v. 6) – box pack – 1 user Specs – CNET
Pinnacle Liquid Edition Pro (v. 6) – box pack – 1 user Specs
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Liquid Variations | Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6 for Windows
STEC uses MLC memory in SSDs for laptops, which has halved their price

The STEC solid-state drives MACH8-MLC use an eight-channel controller of its own design, which, according to the manufacturer, has ensured high performance and reliability. Recall that earlier this year, the release of two more options for such products was announced: MACH8 and MACH8-IOPS.

An important feature of the new products, designed mainly for installation in mobile PCs, is the use of MLC NAND (multi-level cell) flash memory. This technical solution is used in an SSD for the first time, says STEC. The first drive samples are now shipping to OEM customers. In addition to laptop manufacturers, companies that produce portable media players can become large consumers of MLC-based SSDs.

The fact is that the use of MLC memory makes it possible to reduce the cost of an SSD to a level that allows it to compete with hard disk drives. Technical obstacles to the use of MLC memory are its low performance on write operations and a relatively small number of write-erase cycles.

STEC decided to eliminate these obstacles by developing a special controller, which, firstly, raised the performance of a solid-state drive to a level comparable to that of an HDD, and, secondly, increased reliability by correcting errors and evenly distributing the load between cells.

The declared speed of MACH8-MLC in read mode is 90 MB / s, in write mode – 60 MB / s. SATA 2 storage options available.0 and PATA. Available in 32, 64, 128, 256 and 512 GB models in sizes 1.8 (first three sizes) and 2.5 inches. The company says the drives are priced at around $ 5 per gigabyte. The manufacturer promises that within two years the price will drop to less than $ 2 per gigabyte.

Drives are warranted for three years when used with laptops.

Source: STEC

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