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Nikon announces 32nm immersion scanner

Nikon has announced its intention to release a Double Patterning (DP) immersion scanner based on the renowned NSR-S610C platform. Customers are said to receive the scanner in the fourth quarter of this year. Improvements made to the NSR-S610C meet the critical alignment requirements of this technology. Thus, Nikon succeeded, as they say, with “little blood” – in this case, with minimal technical risk, since equipment already tested in mass production is used – to pave the way for the development of more subtle technical process standards, besides, retaining all the advantages of the Tandem platform Stage and Local Fill Technology.

Immersion lithography has shown its potential as a medium for serial 45nm production. In the transition to 32 nm standards, immersion lithography with DP is the most likely candidate for the role of mass production technology. In short, it consists in dividing one template with a dense arrangement of elements into two, in which the elements are located farther from each other – so much that you can work with each of them using existing tools. By performing the exposure twice – once for each template – you can get the same dense arrangement of elements on the surface of the semiconductor wafer, as it was on the original template.

Obviously, one of the key features of this technology, figuratively speaking, challenging developers, is the need for extremely accurate alignment of the two patterns. Since the final displacement is defined as the sum of the two displacements (one for each exposure), the room to maneuver is significantly reduced: currently, the allowable displacement limits do not exceed 3-4 nm (for one exposure).

Meanwhile, the development of 32 nm norms in serial production is scheduled for 2021-2021. To implement these plans, it is necessary to move on to the creation of the appropriate technology at the end of 2021 or at the beginning of 2021.

Source: Nikon

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