Radion 7000 driver.


Radion 7000 driver





Radion 7000 driver.


ATI Radeon HD 3690 goes on sale for $ 124

According to a source, the Chinese manufacturer, Maxsun, was the first in the world to launch products on
based on new GPU ATI Radeon HD3690 / 3650/3450.

Maxsun MSHD3690

RV670 GPU cards manufactured by
commissioned by Triplex, now on sale.
First adapters
ATI Radeon HD
3690 equipped with eight GDDR3 memory chips
made by Samsung with sample time
1.2 ns, already available (in China) by
price ~ $ 124 (which is slightly higher
expected $ 110 earlier).

The chip frequency is 670 MHz, the memory frequency is 1660
MHz. In addition to this product, cards based on
HD video processors
3650 and HD 3450.

The further fate of such an original
product like ATI Radeon HD 3690. It may turn out that in
regions other than China AMD product is not shipped
will be.

Source: Maxsun

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