Ralink rt3070 drivers.


Ralink rt3070 drivers





Ralink rt3070 drivers.


Diagnostics: Hmonitor v.four.four.0.one

A new version of the Hardware Sensors Monitor (Hmonitor) utility has been released, which is used to monitor the parameters of the PC hardware. The program is in many ways similar to MotherBoard Monitor, but has a simpler and more convenient interface. Hmonitor informs the user about the temperatures of the processor, motherboard and other devices (if additional sensors are available), as well as the fan speeds and voltages applied to the board.

This version adds support for new hardware (processors, sensors, laptops, motherboards, etc.).d.), added monitoring of the battery charge level, fixed bugs, etc.d. Read more here

Pick up Hmonitor v.four.four.0.1 can be found here (1.2 MB, Shareware, Windows All).

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