Redeon hd 4800.


Redeon hd 4800





Redeon hd 4800.


The lull in the price war is beneficial: AMD is twice ahead of Intel in increasing market share

According to iSuppli analysts assessing the microprocessor situation in the third quarter, Intel and AMD were able to increase their market shares by taking advantage of the increase in demand for PCs and servers, and the truce in the exchange of brutal price hits.

Intel generated 78.7% of global microprocessor revenue in Q3, up 0.3% from Q2. Doubled AMD share – 0.6%. AMD now has 13.9% market share. The position of the largest manufacturers remained stable due to their smaller competitors, whose total share fell from 8.2% to 7.4%, says iSuppli.

The microprocessor market grew in absolute terms as demand for desktops, laptops and servers that use these products increased during the quarter. The volume of supplies of finished products (computers) amounted to 68.1 million. pieces, which is 13.8% more than a year ago and 11.1% more than in the second quarter.

Since the companies in their quarterly reports admitted that the drop in profits was caused by a price war that lasted most of the year, iSuppli believes that the time for aggressive price attacks in the x86-compatible processor market is over.

This does not mean, however, that competition will weaken. On the contrary, the development of more subtle norms of the technical process and the release of new generations of processors leaves no chance to rest on their laurels, neither AMD nor Intel.

Source: iSuppli

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