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ARCTIC COOLING launches the Silentium T ECO 80 series

The Swiss company ARCTIC COOLING, known for its cases and products for cooling PC components, has introduced a new series of cases, Silentium T ECO 80.

The priorities of the developers when creating a new product are reflected in its name – new items are distinguished by quiet operation and high efficiency.

The first manufacturer, he said, was achieved by moving away from the traditional approach to the organization of air flows inside the system unit, provided for by the ATX standard.

Air is blown from the outside by several fans installed in the lower and middle part of the rear wall of the case. The power supply unit is installed at the bottom of the front wall of the case and blows out hot air through special holes in the case stand. In addition, a fan installed in the upper part of the rear wall works for blowing.

All fans installed in Silentium T ECO 80 cases support automatic speed control and are equipped with special anti-vibration pads. The latter also applies to the hard drive cage.

Enclosures are equipped with 550W high efficiency PSUs. At typical loads, efficiency ranges from 82% to 86%.

The Silentium T ECO 80 series will include five models that differ only in the front panel. Their price will be $ 135.


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