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Downloads 35 Drivers, Manual and BIOS for HighPoint Rocket RAID HD Controller & Removable drive. Here’s where you can download the newest software for your Rocket RAID Jan 11,  · I see this info in a FAQ about reading smart data from raid cards. “SMART information (including disk temperature measurement) for RAID array member drives can be displayed for 3ware, Areca, HighPoint RocketRAID 26xx, Intel, JMicron, and LSI MegaIDE RAID controllers. Comprehensive RAID & Storage Management interface: the RocketRAID a’s streamlined web-based user interface simplifies the storage configuration process and allows customers to quickly Asses total available capacity, The status of individual hard drives /5().


Rocketraid 2740.SOLVED – Highpoint Rocket Raid hpt27xx driver in FreeNas b1? | TrueNAS Community

Apr 29,  · highpoint raid rocketraid tombot. Joined Mar 28, Messages 12 Motherboard GA-XUD5 CPU iK Graphics R9 X Feb 13, #1 I’ve just been building a large fileserver hackintosh and was using the Highpoint SGL RAID card, but needed more than 8 ports, as i’ve got an 8 disk RAID 10 mechanical array together with a 4 disk. HighPoint’s RocketRAID is an ideal match for the NATB. This channel PCIe x8 6Gb/s SAS/SATA RAID HBA can be installed into one of the NATB’s PCIe slots and can directly support drives installed into any of the 16 hot-swap bays via industry standard Mini-SAS cables. About HighPoint RocketRAID Available with up to 32 dedicated ports, HighPoint RocketRAID series PCI-Express x16 SAS RAID Host Bus Adapter’s provide maximum port count and deliver a connectivity bandwidth up to MB/s; ideal for a wide-range of high-performance and high-density storage applications.
Highpoint RocketRaid 2740 – 16 Port PCIE Raid Card – working on 10.8.2
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Highpoint RocketRaid – 16 Port PCIE Raid Card – working on | tonymacxcom
Highpoint Rocketraid 2740 Woes
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fixed: SMART data from Highpoint RocketRAID – Brainstorming – AIDA64 Discussion Forum
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Sources: C | net, TGDaily

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